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LLDPE for windling


According to the special nature of the wrapping film, its performance does not change with the changes of the seasons. Therefore, it is the most film with a packaging effect. The high cold resistance makes it possible to exert good results in the winter. At the same time, its high viscosity can also bring good maintenance effect to the packaging materials. Therefore, the wrapping film is favored by people. Not only the packaging material, but also has the maintenance effect, the application scope is extremely wide, this series of excellent performance, has won the today's reputation - the universal packaging film.

Stretch film has the following advantages:

1, stretch packaging than shrink packaging to save time, manpower, raw materials.

2, high strength, elastic tension, applicable to any shape of the goods. Puncture-resistance and tear resistance are excellent, which can avoid damage to articles caused by tying and have good anti-loose, rain-proof, dust-proof and anti-theft effects.

3, can use high-performance resins and tackifiers, to maximize the user's various needs.

4, can choose single, double-sided, slightly sticky, low viscosity, medium viscosity, high viscosity and extra high products, suitable for various forms of packaging.

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